Chrissy Teigen talks about being sober for 50 days


Chrissy Teigen: Model and public figure Chrissy Teigen shared her latest milestone. She is currently celebrating “50 Days Sober” with her children. She describes this success as her “longest series”.

Chrissy Teigen talks about being sober for 50 days
Chrissy Teigen talks about being sober for 50 days (file Photo)

Recently, Teigen was rethinking her approach to social media. Over the past few months, she has faced a number of controversies surrounding cyberbullying. Earlier this summer, television personality Courtney Stodden summoned a 35-year-old man for allegedly slipping into his DMs in 2011 with defamatory messages about suicide.

These allegations opened the can of worms because so many people came forward and found Teigen‘s harassment receipts. Tizen still seemed Scott-free as she co-hosted the popular television series Lip Sync Bottle and she is currently writing another cookbook, complaining non-stop about the “cancel culture” that has existed ever since.

Despite these flaws, Teigen continues to share his personal life on Instagram. The grief she faced from her 2020 miscarriage opened up about her journey of grief and sobriety.

Teigen sober for 50 days

Teigen went to Instagram to post a video of herself rolling on a yoga mat with her two children, Luna and Miles, who shared it with singer John Legend. She wrote, “Today is my 50th day of sobriety! It must have been almost a year but I had some (wine) hiccups on the road. This is my longest series! “

The model added that she did not know what her future would be in terms of intelligence. “It doesn’t work for her anymore,” she said. She continues to share the effects of drinking on her body. She expressed, “I will not have more fun, I will not dance, I will not rest. I will get sick, fall asleep, and wake up sick, maybe miss a fun night. I have fun with it and appreciate someone who can enjoy it responsibly !!!!”

Teigen’s colleagues praised her in the comment section of her post. Leading stylist Jen Atkin has written a series of heart emojis called “I Love You.” Christine Quinn Selling of Sunset commented, “Very proud of you! Honestly, I don’t really drink much. It doesn’t make me feel concentrated and I love the way I feel sober. The girl is so proud.”

When did Teigen worry about her drinking?
This is not the first time Tizen has opened up about drinking. In August, Teigen posted on Instagram reflecting on his past in New York City. She described herself as a “working alcoholic”.

She remembers going to a Frank restaurant in the East Village and “sitting there with my multiple double vodka sodas and drinking all day”. Along with this candid title with a picture of her and her husband Legend enjoying a drink and smiling.

However, the title took a dark turn as Teigen du grief turned into a conversation about her ongoing battle with grief and lack of alcohol.

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