fuquan johnson comedian Death updates: two others dead after an overdose on fentanyl-laced coke


fuquan johnson comedian Death updates: A batch of fentanyl-laced cocaine has killed a comedian and two others, leaving Darius Rooker’s ex-girlfriend in a Los Angeles hospital, according to a report.

fuquan johnson comedian Death updates/ Kate Quigley

According to TMZ, author comedian Fuquan Johnson of “Comedy Parlor Live” died of an overdose at a Venice home on Friday night. Two other victims died on the spot, the outlet said.

According to reports, comedian Kate Quigley, who lives next door and recently dated a hottie & blowfish singer, was hospitalized with a critical condition.

The medical examiner officially confirmed that Johnson, 42, and other unidentified victims had been killed, but told the outlet that four people had taken coke contaminated with super-powerful opioids.

Fentanyl, a synthetic painkiller 100 times more powerful than certain, is a cause of death for Prince, Mac Miller, and Tom Petty.

In 2019, data showed that fentanyl accounted for more than two-thirds of all New York City drug overdoses. Social media users are warning about spoiled coke making at a party scene in the city this spring and summer.


Comic Kiki Anderson, who became a TV reporter, posted on Twitter on Saturday that comedian Fuquan Johnson death was “horrible”.

“It’s very heartbreaking and horrible. Please, test them if you do drugs. Or do not do them. Fentanyl is a monster.”

” Local Icon “.

Writer and producer Luke Barnett paid tribute to the joke on Twitter on Saturday night.

“I am saddened to hear of the death of my friend Fuquan Johnson. He is a man who is smiling and happy, and a local icon in the North Hollywood community, RIP,” he wrote.

fuquan johnson age: 42

Kate Quigley age: she was born on February 8, 1982.

fuquan johnson net worth: The estimated net worth of fuquan johnson between 1 million USD in 2021


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