‘He’s All That’ Review:’He’s All That’ is not all that, not even a little bit


‘He’s All That’ Review: “Do we really need it?” The latest edition of Tik Tok Toe has made its feature film debut on Netflix: the transgender remake of “He’s All That” in “He’s All That”, a romantic comedy starring Rachel Lee Cook and Freddie Prince Jr. in 1999. Its leads.

He's All That' Review:' He's All That' is not all that, not even a little bit
He’s All That’ Review: He’s All That’ is not all that, not even a little bit

Streaming Friday, the film stars Roy in the role of Prinz but updates the character to her generation. After she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her, she highlights the high school-age beauty-influenced Padget Sawyer having a meltdown on Instagram Live. As a way to rebuild her confidence, a makeover expert befriends a classmate who unexpectedly exiles, Cameron Coveller (Tanner Buchanan), and turns him into a prom king material. Naturally, she fell on him.

The premise is already tired by the time “She’s All” – the movie is based on “My Fair Lady” and, above all, on “Pygmalion” – but teen comedies don’t always have to avoid tropes to excel. “He All All That” director Mark Waters is a helm to the modern classics “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls”, so the charm and chemistry of the stars are very important.

Unfortunately, the new film faltered in two areas.

Many were amazed at how Ray gained 82.8 million followers on Tic Tac Toe and 38.8 million followers on Instagram. She is beautiful, but her dancing is not unique; It led to controversy when she and Jimmy Fallon performed a half-hearted performance on “The Tonight Show” to the creators of the viral TicTac choreography. The New York Times hinted that her popularity this year was largely linked to her tenure at Tic Tac Toe, the support of other influencers and her entry into the beauty industry.

Despite those factors, Rei doesn’t have much to offer viewers. She is an attentive actress but lacks the vocal flow and facial expressions needed to give depth to the podcast. The emotional arc of the character is an attempt to stop her from hiding behind her influential status, in terms of the makeup she wears or her attention to social status. But Ray never left her face confident, forcing a forced smile on her face until the credits were found.

So what hope is there for Buchanan with Electric Chemistry, whose characteristic feature is Wiggs, which disturbs his vague outlook on the world? While a social exclusion may not necessarily share the goofy sweetness of a character like “All the Boys I Loved Before”, still as a heartfelt star of Teen Rome-Coms, Cameron’s sarcastic nature led to his transformation from “10 Things I Hate About You” into a lovely revolt similar to Patrick Verona’s Teenager.

Instead, we’re curious because Cameron was photographed in the film and joining the podcast on “Teenage Dream”‘s uncomfortable concert song as I could not take my eyes off the “you” when skipping a set of steps.

Buchanan tried his best with the material – R. Written by Lee Fleming Jr., he also wrote the original film – A Series of Auxiliary Measures (Madison Pettis and Myra Molloy are friends with Podget, and Peyton Meyer is her ex). But some things just aren’t saved, not even by the nostalgia of Cook and Matthew Lillard appearing in short, unrelated roles for “all of her”.

In the end, “he’s all that” – that’s not even a little bit.


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