Peter Rosalita, a 10-year-old Filipino singer, completes his AGT journey


Peter Rosalita completes his AGT journey: Young Filipino singer Peter Rosalita ended his journey on “America’s Got Talent” after being eliminated during live shows on Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Manila).

Peter Rosalita, a 10-year-old Filipino singer, completes his AGT journey

The five laws that reached the final were Gina Brillian, Aidan Bryant, Dustin Towella, Jimmy Herod, and World Taekwondo.

Before the live show, Rosalita thanked everyone who voted for him on Twitter.

Rosalita’s last appearance on the show was a powerful cover of Mariah Carey’s “Without You”.

In addition to his amazing voice, the judges also liked how Rosalie dealt with a minor annoyance at the beginning of his acting career.

“Your voice is just as powerful as how lovely it is. In the beginning those little hiccups, you’re so young, I’m probably run away from the stage, but you put it together. You’re started again. You sounded great. Well done,” Heidi Klum said.

“I was amazed at what happened in the beginning because it showed me the command you had on stage. You did not miss the beat. You know what to do, and you’re here,” Sophia Vergara added before calling Rosalie “a little kid with this diva’s voice.”

Simon Cowell agreed with his fellow judges and said he also “absolutely loves” what Rosalita did.

“The fact that you know you’re lost contact, you took control. We have a live show but,‘ You know what, let’s start again. ’I think, you’re good! And then you provided that wonderful voice,” he said.

Howie Mandel called Rosalita a “true professional” in the game.

In previous rounds, the 10-year-old boy has also consistently impressed judges with his wide-ranging voice, regardless of his age.

Rosalita, a Filipino citizen, was born and lives in the United Arab Emirates with his aunt and caretaker Mary Jane Villegas and his parents, Ruel, a chef and his mother, Wilma, a cashier.

Rosalita’s family sent his audition tape to “America’s Got Talent” when they saw him obsessively watching videos from the program on YouTube.


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