Roker pays tribute to Today Weatherman Willard Scott: “My Second Dad”


Willard Scott, the iconic “Today” show Weatherman, died Saturday morning at the age of 87, NBC spokeswoman Elizabeth Bader USA Today confirmed. Al Rocker of “Today” shared the news on Instagram, calling Willard “the man of his time, the ultimate broadcaster.”

Roker pays tribute to Today Weatherman Willard Scott: "My Second Dad"
Roker pays tribute to Today Weatherman Willard Scott: “My Second Dad”

My Second Dad: Veteran weather anchor Al Roker paid tribute to Weatherman Willard Scott today, calling him “my second dad” after he died at the age of 87.

Roker, 67, praised legendary broadcaster Scott, who was surrounded by his family on Saturday morning and died.

In his Instagram post, the couple had photos: “We lost a dear member of our @todayshow family this morning. Willard Scott is surrounded by his 87-year-old daughters Sally and Mary and his lovely family. Wife, Paris.

“He really is my second dad and I am here today because of his generous spirit. Willard is the man of his time, the ultimate broadcaster. They will never be like him.”

Rocker’s Instagram post has received over 80,930 likes and 4,772 comments since it was uploaded on Saturday.

In a tweet shared on Saturday, Rocker said: “Today’s tribute to my dear friend Willard Scott, why he is so dear and why he is an American Weatherman to the whole country.

“No broadcaster likes a lot of people and laughs a lot.”

Scott joined “Today” in 1980 and is loved for his connection with viewers, including birthday wishes for fans over 100 years old – this feature has become even more popular over the years according to the network.

His charm was also on display when he dressed as Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda during a 1983 broadcast to receive a $ 1,000 donation to the USO.

In a 1987 interview with the New York Times, Scott said of his Carmen Miranda stunt: “People say I’m a buffoon. All my life I’m a buffoon. It’s my action.”

He added his admiration for his audience: “I love people. Most of the speakers on the talk circuit leave right away. I’m very squealing. I’m like a dog. You open the door and I go, ‘rrrr, rrrr’, and then I’m everyone’s face.”

Scott’s broadcast career began in the 1950s, where he hosted the NBC radio show “Joy Boys”, where he remained until the show ended in 1974.

He has also hosted several children’s TV shows that have played many roles, including the Bojo clown.

Scott Clown also wore makeup in 1963 when he became the first person to play Ronald McDonald, the icon of McDonald’s who appeared in commercials for a fast food outlet in the Washington area.

Willard Scott net worth: How Much Money Do You Make to Make the Weather on Television? Depending on where you are in the country, you could be “small” up to $ 92,460 (depending on where you are and how big your market is), based on 2016 data (via Chron) up to $ 400,000; So we can imagine that someone with Willard Scott’s stature would bring home a good salary every month.

Willard Scott age: 87 (1934-2021)

Willard Scott wife: Paris Keena

Willard Scott cause of death: No cause of death was given

Willard Scott Bio: Click here


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