What’s next in Britney Spears conservatorship case


Britney Spears conservatorship case: So, is her legal battle over now? Almost.

We know how her case will unfold in the coming weeks.

What’s next in Britney Spears conservatorship case

The next hearing in the case is set for September 29 in Los Angeles Superior Court, where Judge Brenda Penny is expected to hear Jamie Spears‘ request to rescind the Conservatory.

Other family members may oppose ending the arrangement, but Lynne Spears, the singer’s mother, does not appear to have stated that Britney was “able to take care of her own person” in court earlier this summer.

Lisa McCarley, a Los Angeles Conservatorship attorney unrelated to the Spears case, told CNN in an interview Wednesday that Judge Penny is likely to rescind the Conservatorship, except for a specific objection. California probate law does not require a medical or psychological evaluation of the Conservative, McCarley said.

Family conflict
In a statement to CNN on Tuesday, Britney Spears ‘attorney, Matthew Rosengart, called the filing of the Conservatives’ cancellation a “success” but did not indicate that his efforts would end soon.

“Mr. Spears seems to believe that he tried to avoid accountability and justice, sitting for the oath and answering other findings under the oath … We will continue to explore all options as well,” Rosengart said.

Over the summer, the Grammy winner said in two emotional testimonies that he wanted to lay charges against his father for “abuse of conservatism”, calling the arrangement “f-ing cruelty.”

Since its inception in 2008, Big Spears has served as the conservator of his daughter’s estate. She will be her personal conservator overseeing her health and medical issues until he steps down in 2019. Spears person.

Jamie Spears says he has always acted for his daughter’s best interests.

“Once Britney is legally free, she can file a petition in probate court objecting to transactions that reflect on Jamie’s latest accounting, and Jamie can ask her court on a surcharge petition to repay the money he spent,” McCarley said.

Jamie Spears is seeking nearly $ 2 million to cover his salary to oversee his business transactions and his legal fees. Rosengart said in a separate statement that they would not accept the settlement.

The singer has not yet publicly commented on his father’s latest filing, nor are her siblings or her mother.

Britney Spears net worth: Britney Spears’ net worth was estimated at $ 2.7 million (95 1.95 million) for her cash assets, according to court papers recently obtained by the Times. The star has non-cash assets of more than $ 57 million ($ 41 million).

This means that the total net worth of Britney Spears is $ 60 million (43 million).

Britney Spears net worth 2021 $60 million USD

Britney spears age: 39 yrs

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