Saturn and Earth are the closest today


Saturn and Earth are the closest today, It can even be seen by naked eyes during August, as Saturn will be bright and very visible.

Saturn and Earth are the closest today
Saturn and Earth are the closest today at 11.30am Indian Standard Time (IST). (Representative Photo)

Saturn and Earth will be closer to each other each year on Monday and people in those parts of the world who witness at night will be able to see the fenced planet. First glance will be on Monday morning, NASA said.. “Saturn is directly facing the sun and the Earth on this day. While the opposition is visible throughout the night, it reaches its peak at midnight,” said the U.S. space agency.

Dr Subhendu Pattnaik, deputy director of the Panani Samanta Planetarium, told news agency ANI that Saturn and Earth would be very close at 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (IST). “It will be daytime in India but wherever the night is, people will see a bright Saturn,” Pattnaik said.

Saturn will appear bright even to the naked eye and can be seen all night in August. “A few Saturn satellites can also be seen with a small telescope,” Pattnaik said.

Pattnaik said it takes Earth about 365 days to orbit the sun and Saturn takes about 29.5 years to complete the complete transformation of our star.

Saturn and Earth were close on July 20, 2020, and will do so again on August 14, 2021.

“Once a year, the Earth and Saturn are getting closer as they orbit in their orbit. At the same time of one year and 13 days they are very close,” Pattnaik said.

“If they are very close, the average distance will be 120 kilometers of crores, which is 50 kilometers less than the distance between them, which occurs after six months when Saturn will be on the other side of the Earth,” he added.

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