Today, India is added to the UK’s Amber List. What it means for travelers


India is added to the UK’s Amber List: Passengers from India now take the Covid-19 test three days before departure and book in advance for two Covid-19 tests upon arrival in England as well as complete the passenger locator form on arrival.

India is added to the UK's Amber List
Today, India is added to the UK’s Amber List. What it means for travelers (Source: Istock)

The United Kingdom has announced that it is moving India, which has been on the high-alert ‘red list’ to enter England, from today (Sunday, August 8) to the medium risk ‘amber list’. According to foreign travel advice issued by the UK government, the changes came into effect from 4am on Sunday, August 8, which means that people traveling from India to the UK will have a relatively easier time than before, fully vaccinated passengers will no longer have to abide by the 10-day hotel quarantine rule.

What are the new changes for travelers from India to the United Kingdom:

UK’s traffic light system

The United Kingdom has a ‘traffic light’ system for international travel, under which specific coronavirus disease (Covid-19) -related rules and protocols are for each color list, classifying zones according to their risk:

Red list

When a particular country is on the ‘Red List’ of the United Kingdom (as far as India is concerned), travelers from that country cannot travel freely to England. Only British and Irish nationals or holders of residence rights in the United Kingdom are allowed to enter the country from the places listed in the Red List. In addition, British citizens were advised not to go to countries on the Red List.

In the wake of quarantine regulations, travelers to England from red-listed countries must be detained at the hotel for 10 days and take a total of three Covid-19 tests, one of which is before departure from the source. Country.

With the exception of Bhutan, most of India’s neighbors are on the ‘Red List’ for travel to the United Kingdom. This includes Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

Amber list

Countries on the UK ‘Amber List’ (India is currently relocated) are classified as medium-risk zones and can be easily found by travelers as far as travel guidelines are concerned. Although a passenger still has to undergo a total of three Covid-19 tests to enter England from amber-listed countries, the hotel blockade rule is not mandatory.

Travelers from India who are now on the Amber list can quarantine at home or at their preferred location for 10 days upon arrival in the UK. After five days of quarantine, they have the option to ‘Test to Release’.

For travelers from amber-listed countries, the first coronavirus test should be taken at least three days before departure. The second should be taken on the day of arrival or the second day of stay. According to official overseas travel advice, the third should be taken on or after the eighth day in the UK. If the specified passenger is a UK national, they are also not required to take the Covid-19 test on the eighth day.

India and Bhutan are currently on the ‘Amber List’ of the United Kindom for Travel.

Green list

There is another category in the United Kingdom’s traffic light system for international travel – the ‘green list’. As the name implies, this includes countries in zones where the UK government considers it relatively safe to travel between the Covid-19 situation.

Passengers traveling to England from green-listed countries must take a total of two coronavirus tests. The first should be taken before entering the UK and the second before the second day of arrival. The passenger will be asked to quarantine only if the Covid-19 test result is positive.

Click here to read full instructions and overseas travel advice on the UK Government Official Website for travelers in India.


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