Chelsea wins UEFA Super Cup on penalties thanks to Kepa’s heroics


Chelsea wins UEFA Super Cup: Talking points may come when you least expect it. With one minute left, extra time without laziness could clearly do without Chelsea and Villarreal, Thomas Tuchel made his first bold move of the season. Cepa Arijabala, one of the 71 million substitutes for the Super Cup, has stepped forward to replace Edward Mendy. Tupachel’s strategy is fully justified because Kepa, on his right, beat Raul Albiol’s penalty to win the trophy for Chelsea. The celebratory scale from the Champions League winners – and the easily visible disappointment on the Villarreal team – painted a picture of something important.

Chelsea wins UEFA Super Cup
Chelsea wins UEFA Super Cup: César Azpilicueta (centre) raises the Uefa Super Cup after Kepa Arrizabalaga (top right) made decisive saves for Chelsea in the penalty shootout. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters

Such a late KEPA collaboration is crucial. Yet it would be surprising if he plays against Crystal Palace on Saturday. “We need to do what is best for the team,” Tushel said. “KEPA has a higher percentage of penalties saved.” Data gurus have a lot to answer for..

Touchel must be satisfied that the Rome for Chelsea will start soon for Luca. His team dominated the first half, failing to take full advantage of that pressure to be replaced by the return of the Belgian striker. Villarreal, who is very pleasing to the eye under Unai Emery, posed a significant threat in the second period, but Chelsea was the better side.

Tuchel went so far during his pre-match media duties that many would not consider him friendly enough to emphasize the importance of the fixture. Easily.

This game is played amidst a broad, uplifting context. Belfast is perfect for a marquee game – or, to be sure, there is a time when it does not feel safe. The social growth of Northern Ireland, the redevelopment of Windsor Park, and the country’s international football momentum initiated by Michael O’Neill are all factors in making this venue choice-wise. European or global events no longer need to protect the city from reincarnation.

Chelsea supporters, many of them local, made up more than 13,000 people, but two important pockets of Villarreal’s followers, being yellow, added a sense of context. Emery paid no attention to the boundaries of technology, even during the game’s humdrum spells, suggesting that he, too, was happy to be here.

Tuchel was a little surprised by the deployment of Trevoh Chaloba in the three-man defense. It marked the start of the 22-year-old first competition for Chelsea, following loan spells extending from Ipswich to FC Lorient. Yet the Chelsea head coach pointed out before the start that there was room for extraordinary options.
He believes Timo Werner will benefit from his first-season experience in England. Wastefulness remains Werner’s biggest problem; He should have scored from point-blank range six minutes later but instead, Sergio Asenzo allowed the ball to keep away. While N’Golo Kanté shines with a 20-yard shot width, Chelsea has the upper hand in the game.

This is greatly emphasized by the excellent opening goal. Marcos Alonso fed the exploited Kai Howartz on the left, who then provided a threatening cross that narrowly avoided Werner. Hakeem Ziek appeared to be his shot stub, but, as Assenzo was exposed, it found the net anyway. Emery’s concern is pretty much it.

Villarreal responded through the recently appointed Boule Dia. Mendy cleverly defended at the feet of his fellow Senegal international. Chelsea fired back through Alonso and Kurt Zouma, both of whom had good chances to double the lead before the break. Seconds before the break, Alberto Moreno crashed a volley into the bottom of the Chelsea crossbar.

By that time, Tuchel had received a yellow card for protests against the referee and Chelsea had made a forced change. Ziek, who has so far been a threat to Villarreal’s defense, landed badly after being challenged for a header in his own penalty area. Christian Pulisic holds his right shoulder and replaces Ziek as he leaves the scene. Tuchel later confirmed that the injury was “serious.”

Six minutes after the reopening of Villa, Villarreal arrived at the post width restoring equality. A poor clearance from Mendy landed at the feet of Dia who fed Gerard Moreno. Since there was time and space to choose his position from the angle, Gerard Moreno combined his angles instead. Villarreal clearly increased by chance through Chaloba’s final ditch clearance to prevent Dia from necessarily heading home.

However, Villarreal claimed the equalizer qualified for their game at this point. Dia supplied the stunning backheel driven by Gerard Moreno before clipping beyond the mend. It should be noted that the attacking spectacular movement – Antonio Rudiger gifted possession to the Spaniards – made Emery dance for pleasure. Rudiger then scored Chelsea’s last penalty.

Alonso came close to winning the game for Chelsea in normal time, his fierce shot entertaining the side net. Pulisic softened his lines when it seemed easy to score. Mendy was not at all upset at being called towards the bench. “He accepted it,” Tuchel said. Not that he really had much choice. Touchel remains a Chelsea man with a golden touch.


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