Gold Cup winner: United States men’s national team has beaten Mexico in a cup final.


Gold Cup winner: For the second time this summer, the United States men’s national team has beaten Mexico in a cup final. Less than two months after beating El Tri in the Concacaf Nations League final, the United States again made it to Sunday’s Gold Cup final in Las Vegas, winning 1-0. It was an extra-time header from Miles Robinson with just a few minutes left to give Gregg Berhalter and the company a continental crown.

Gold Cup winner: Miles Robinson’s late goal lifts USMNT to Gold Cup final win over Mexico

After Mexico’s defeat in the 2019 final, Berhalter has now won his last two games against El Tri, giving the team extra impetus before qualifying for the World Cup in the fall.

Mexico were the top team in most games, but they had nothing to show for it. Although eight more shots were recorded than in the U.S. and they almost doubled what they had, it was the Americans who had the best chances at night but could not convert until late at night. After Matt Turner was forced to make the couple save quite in the first round, it was U.S. pressure. He gave them a golden opportunity. Pressure from both Gyasi Zardes and Sebastian Lletget saw him last and then play Paul Arriola with a goal, but a DC United man in a personal position kissed the ball down the right post and disbelieved everyone.

In the second half, it was while Mexico were very strong and we were able to get into the space going forward, but the US looked better with Arriola who also lost the editor in a far away area almost to the yard before Robinson saved the day, removing a good competition for him.

Here are three ways to take the game:

1. U.S. played with fire, but didn’t burn the place down

It just seemed like a bit of a chance to come back and attack the United States as Mexico continues to control the ball and look for a quality opportunity. Never once did the US nations fully control the game until the last minute. The American defense was on its heels most of the time, defending in numbers while having six or seven boys in the box from time to time when Mexico had a third attack.

It would have sounded like many other games in this Gold Cup where the team did not play all that sharply in defense or attack and the result is just waiting to be taken from them. But the good thing is that they hold on tight. Although they came into the match with the expected goal of playing with about six goals while conceding just one, it sounded certain that Mexico would find the net at some point. But the defense that had a problem with its separation went up to the plate where it was the most important release that could be the most important achievement in the Berhalter era.

In six games in the Gold Cup, the U.S. They won every single game, recorded five cleaners and conceded one goal in 570 minutes.

2. Robinson, Turner should be on the WCQ squad

Robinson was the monster in the middle of the box, taking out everything that happened before making it to the other side of the pitch. The former Syracuse star was signed by Atlanta United while Tata Martino, a manager, played a key role in giving the Mexican manager a huge loss since taking over the job as they looked set to return to the Gold Cup.

Turner, an under-the-radar goalkeeper from the New England Revolution, should be looking out of Europe soon to be the best player in the tournament. Saved the U.S. Almost always in the game, pulling out the jawbone. If I were Berhalter, based on what I saw, I would replace Zack Steffen or give him a chance to be at No. 1.

Robinson and Turner are unlikely to be major contributors in the fall, but they should at least be in the team. And Robinson is just another name for getting into the backback mix next to the definite start John Brooks.

3. What’s next for El Tri?

It’s hard to say if things would have been different if players like Chucky Lozano and Diego Lainez were healthy, but there shouldn’t be much concern in the Mexican camp. Yes, the loss of the US stinks, and is even worse if it happens back in the summer. But it is still the most talented list in North America, even though the U.S. It goes a long way.

They still have very little to worry about in graduation, but they will need to find out what in the world they should do in 9th place. With Raul Jimenez coming out of a broken skull, could it be time to call Javier Hernandez? Would JJ Macias look good if he did well on loan at Getafe? They fit better in the middle of the field and defensively than in attack when you look at the units as a whole. They are the number 9 consistent in the league with their sharp lack in front of goal their fall.


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