Mac Jones shows promise in NFL debut


New England fell to Miami in the Week 1 opener

Mac Jones shows promise in NFL debut: Week 1 always has a special buzz, right? It’s the start of a new season, a clean slate for a total of 32 teams across the NFL, and hopes to lead the Super Bowl run this year.

Mac Jones shows promise in NFL debut

This is very standard for every club you find. But some teams also have the buzz of taking the reins for the first time in a young quarter, which is its own specialty.

It’s the first type of rookie to be a foreigner in New England for two decades until Sunday, the kind of anticipation when Mac Jones makes his regular-season debut as Week 1 Starter vs Dolphins.

As you might expect in any young quarter, there is growing pain (highlighted by an almost lost fumble on the Patriots’ early drive), but certainly better than bad when he makes his first steps into the league from Mac Jones.

As the game progressed, Alabama Quarterback’s confidence improved significantly and he even rose to the level where he could begin to look anything but a rookie.

Late in the third quarter, he connected with James White on a ball that was perfectly placed in the path of the wheels in the third and 11th exchanges.

Mac Jones completed his first start in the NFL with 281 yards and 29 of his 39 throws (74.3%) for a touchdown. However, the Patriots moved away with the victory, falling to Miami 17-16 at Gillette Stadium.

The glaze starts to disperse during this honeymoon phase with the new quarterback.

The Patriots ‘self-inflicted errors proved to be Buzzick in Jones’ debut, with eight penalties and four fumbles for 84 yards (two lost). New England failed to cash in on the touchdowns when they reached the Red Zone, changing one of their four trips in Week 1. -And the Jones era begins at -0-1.

“I think we can recover,” Mac Jones told the Post Game. “How should we look at it. It’s definitely not enough to start with me. So we had to watch the movie. We lost, so it’s not that good.”

Mac Jones is right, the patriots can recover because these mistakes can be coached from them as the season ages. Sunday’s opener defeat brings a solid reminder that Jones could easily be lost in the hoopla of arrival: he can’t carry the Patriots and can heal some top quarterbacks throughout the league. One day that may be so, but in 2021 it could be just one more part of New England’s potential playoff puzzle than the Jones Key Cog.

When a team collectively creates a mountain of mistakes as the Patriots did on Sunday, no matter how many boxes Jones checks to this point, expecting any rookie quarterback to overtake is a huge task.


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