The Steelers and Cowboys get it on while long ago the Hall of Fame Game swirls in the distance


The Steelers and Cowboys: Pittsburgh-Dallas Thursday Night Pro Football Hall of Fame Game that makes me laugh.

Steelers and Cowboys get it on while long ago the Hall of Fame Game
The Steelers and Cowboys get it on while long ago the Hall of Fame Game swirls in the distance (AP PHOTO/RONSCHWANE)

The best Hall of Fame Game, the Browns-Cowboys, was unveiled on August 9, 1999.

A few thousand extra seats were added to Fawcett Stadium during the Browns’ first game of the expansion era.

The previous evening, thousands of people who could not get tickets were stuck in the same stadium for the Browns walk-through. A practice.
Game Crowds of Hall of Fame always depart quickly. At the 1999 Cleveland-Dallas game, ticketless people still entered the overflow in the fourth quarter.

In the beginning, quarterback Jason Garrett helped Dallas take the lead. Tim Couch, the first pick of the 1999 draft, looked like the No. 1 pick Peyton Manning of the 1998 draft in front of the Browns.

Steelers and Cowboys get it on while long ago the Hall of Fame Game swirls in the distance

Like Couch, Phil Dawson made his Browns debut. At one point, Phil equalized at Field Goal Game-17. Shortly afterward, Danny Knight, trying to defeat Danny, lost his chance to become a Cleveland Legend.

Followed by other-world roaring festivals over time. Rookie Dylan McCutcheon’s interception led to a field goal. Coach Chris Palmer sent Dawson back inside. Good!
Chris Spielman played in that game. You know he is. Darin Chiaverini and Rahim Abdullah were also present. Remember them?

Shortly after midnight I stumbled upon All Learner in the locker room. The Cleveland owner was almost as intimidated as the crowd. This is just a pre-season game. It was the happiest of all the sports celebrations I saw.

The first game for “New Browns” means a lot more. I don’t think you can say that happiness is greater than the Browns ’recent success. Defeating Pittsburgh in the playoffs was the brightest moment in the expansion era.
The latter memory, made this year, is much fresher than that Hall of Fame game.

The playoff win is filled with a variety of pleasures, twisted images like lime in the coronavirus.

The game took place in Pittsburgh. Around Ohio, the joy spread far and wide in many other states where Browns fans were amazed to see films on their television.

Orange helmets lead 35-7. Live audiences in Pittsburgh breathe a sigh of relief; Except, COVID-19 left the official audience number to zero.

Speaking of infidelity, some of us wiped our eyes on Thursday night and watched the 2021 Hall of Fame game. Pittsburgh vs. Dallas.

The entire stadium, radiating a solid glow. Alive. Healthy.

At 7:47 p.m., Bill Cowher smiles, waving, and is introduced to other people who are deposited in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cowher did not laugh when the Browns were in Pittsburgh after the 1999 Hall of Fame game.

Dawson scored another game-ending field goal, and the Browns beat the Cowhers Steelers 16-15.

Over the years, Cowher has almost always been in the CBS studio while playing Mike Tomlin Steelers. On Thursday, Tomlin wore a headset as Kauher discovered the seat. Later in the game, Cowher shared an immediate laugh with Tomlin, who was there.

The years have brought them closer in this sense: Cowher left the Steelers with a record of 161-99-1 (including 12-9 in the postseason); Tomlin Cowher replaced 153-86-1 (including 8-8 in the playoffs).

As always, the Hall of Fame game is not the greatest and most famous.

This is about Isaiah McCoy. McCoy was 1. When the Browns beat Dallas in 1999, he faced Dallas on Thursday as the undivided Pittsburgh receiver from Kent State.

It was while Ben Rothlisberger was resting for real things that Mason Rudolf faltered in the opening series.

It’s about taking entertainment from the likes of Pittsburgh’s 255-pound rookie punter, Presley Harwin III.

It’s about Garrett Gilbert, who was backing Baker Mayfield and Case Kennem in Cleveland at this point last year, finishing third down to former-bucky Noah Brown for Dallas.

The weather is unusual. After the bizarre 2020 season, who remembers what a full house looks like?

Here is a game packed for Giles with proud fan bases in an almost new stadium newly decorated with a new scoreboard behind another zone and another Hall of Fame Village building.

The lights are on. Blimp shared the air with the helicopter. I-77 drivers slowed down to see that lovely crowd.

The Hall of Fame game did not look so good. The Hall of Fame game, which split like the Brown-Cowboys in 1999, will never be the same.


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