UFC 265 live blog: Tecia Torres vs. Angela Hill


UFC 265 live blog Tecia Torres vs. Angela Hill: This is the UFC 265 live blog for Tesia Torres vs. Angela Hill 2, a straight weight main card bout for Saturday’s Fight Card at the Toyota Center in Houston.

UFC 265 live blog: Tecia Torres vs. Angela Hill
Tecia Torres and Angela Hill will square off again at UFC 265 on Saturday night.
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The fight serves as a rematch of the 2015 conference at UFC 188, with Torres winning by unanimous decision. The Strawights became the mainstay in the 115-pound division, setting a 6-5 record with Torres Hill’s active 11-8 ledger. Both have ups and downs in the division, but the remake comes at a time when neck and neck are in the MMA Fighting Global Rankings, with Torres coming in at No. 10, No. 1 on the hill. 11 with Nina Noons.

Both were ready to be remade at UFC 256, but had to withdraw the positive COVID-19 test hill. She returned to the cage at UFC Vegas on March 21, her second victory over Ashley Yoder by unanimous decision. Torres, meanwhile, picked short-notice replacement Sam Hughes at UFC 256 and has not fought since earning a first-round TKO stoppage.

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Post Fight
The two women hugged it after the official decision and Torres smiles for her post-fight interview, she should. She talks about the difference between this fight that took place day and night and their first fight. Torres then called for a top-5 fight and she definitely deserved it.

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Official decision
Tesia Torres defeated Angela Hill by a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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Round 3
I can’t believe I’m typing this but Hill needs a withdrawal to win this fight. She can’t strike with Torres. Not at all. She was very slow and Torres was very pointy.

Lots of kicks from the two women to start the third and the hill is still chasing Torres around the cage. She was able to catch another clich, but Torres could get the underhook and get out. Hill shows more urgency in this round, but in reality she has no advantage, because she is clearly ready to eat a few shots to her eating places and shots. Torres repeatedly finds a home in his right hand.

I say this for the Hill, Torres seems to be slowing down a bit. Not enough to stay with Hill, but she’s less bouncy in this round and moves straight back further. As a result, Hill was finally able to land his own shots in this round, but she was also tired and they didn’t have the same sting. And of course, Torres is making two landings for everyone she eats.

With two minutes left it turns out to be a bit of a slugfest, Torres is now moving forward and Hill is happy to take part in the clash. The two women are landing a lot now because the defense has taken the back seat, but Torres is still better off from these exchanges. That speed advantage and her combinations are too much for Hill. With little time left, Torres blew up her safe double and stamped it. Torres dominated Angela Hill and we saw her best in a cage.

The MMA Fighting Round scores 10-9 Torres, a total of 30-27 Torres.

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Round 2
Hill that round looked very flat and let her in the corner. She had to dial or Torres was going to put her in the rear view.

A wheel kick landed on the top of the hill as Torres was still soaring high to start the second. Hill is still trying to repel Torres on a fence that can land power shots, but when Torres is mostly in a cage and she is back there, she explodes with her combo.

Hill was finally able to bring Torres back into the fence and land a good right hand but it was temporary and a few moments later Torres got a clean check right hook. Hill grabs a teepee and uses it to bring Torres back into the fence, but Torres smashes her with his right hand, destabilizing the hill for a moment.

Torres had more conversions and more success, but a cunning adjustment from the hill allowed her to gain a grip on Torres and bring her into the cage. Hill landed on a good knee there, but Torres was able to break the grip and pop her again. A bruise began to appear on her face.

Hill grabs a Thai collar and searches for the knee but Torres shoots rifles into her until Hill leaves it. It could legally be the best we have ever seen in Torres. She is lighting the hill and the hill does not seem to be able to do anything. She did not have enough footwork to box Torres consistently and she did not match Torres’ speed or volume.

With seconds left, Torres unloads a combo, slips again and gets down the hill and proceeds to mount but does not have enough time to do anything.

MMA Fighting Round 10-9 Torres, scores a total of 20-18 Torres.

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Round 1
The two women come out in the orthodox manner and take the hill very early in the middle of the cage, showing a lot of feints. Torres, meanwhile, fired a few kicks, a tip and a side shot to set the scope. She is clearly looking to use it as a mini fighter.

Torres kicked in and quickly set off here with her hands. She had an obvious quick advantage, but she got caught in the mistake when a lazy throw caught by Hill. The hill lifts the leg up and a trip takes off land. Torres immediately looks up and down but Hill stays on top of her and tries to find a way. Torres was able to get to his knees but now the hill is in the clich here. Torres tried to throw his head and arm but Hill suppressed it. Torres was finally able to take a break and they were back in space.

Torres is currently working at crazy speeds, waiting for Hill to step forward and then shoot the counters. The hill, by contrast, looks a bit flat there

Round 10-9 Torres score.

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Tecia Torres is a favorite for this competition at a solid -150. Return on the hill +130. Mike Beltron is the referee for this Strawight fight.

Bruce Buffer does his job and we’re off!

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Angela Hill came to “We Ready” written by Archie Eversol because she is a hero. She looks very ready to enter the cage.

In “Circus” by Britney Spears, Tesia Torres came up with a very different banger. You can hate it if you want to, but that song is also slap in the face. It’s hard to say who won in the walkouts but I think we can all agree with Free Britney.

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Well, now we have a little resentment ourselves. Angela Hill has been throwing some shadow on Torres for a while, angling for a remake and finally achieving what she wanted. But will history repeat itself? Let’s find out!


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