Adam Laxalt says Biden admin could not save Bagram prison in Afghanistan.


Adam Laxalt: Republican Nevada U.S. Senate candidate and Iraqi war veteran Adam Laxalt called the Biden administration’s handling of prisoners in Afghanistan withdrawal “unconscionable”, particularly the fact it failed to secure prison at Bagram Airfield.

Adam Laxalt says Biden admin could not save Bagram prison in Afghanistan.
Adam Laxalt says Biden admin could not save Bagram prison in Afghanistan. (file photo)

Laxalt, who has served as a military lawyer for prisoners of war in Iraq, said in an interview with Fox News that he was “surprised” that the United States had done so little to keep the highest-ranking terrorist prisoners in Bagram safe as it withdrew its Afghan troops. Existence

“One of the hardest parts of the battlefield is catching the bad guys, and especially catching the bad guys, there are so many things in it,” Luxalt said. “Seal teams and our best are sent on missions that are in grave danger and those captures – which have been very important in getting the toughest and most terrifying terrorists of the last few decades … good from the international terrorist battlefield.”

“And it’s completely unthinkable to see that Bagram prison is not properly secured and that we have thousands of released prisoners. I can not imagine that hundreds of hours have not been allocated to learn what to do with these bad guys,” Luxalt added. “And I do not take it as an excuse. Somehow they did not realize or have enough opportunity to plan what the long-term plans for the high-value conversations were going on until 2006. Terrorists.”

If the 2022 Senate candidate himself is a senator at a trial, he asked administration officials “what conversations took place … did anyone decide that the political consequences of putting terrorists in Gitmo were too great for the Left to bear … and as a result, they decided it was better to leave them?”

As the Taliban erupted in Afghanistan over the weekend, it took control of Bagram airbase, which holds “several thousand” prisoners, according to the Pentagon. Reports indicate that the Taliban have released all of them.

The Biden administration has defended its decision to leave Bagram in the hands of the Afghan military. President Biden separately defended his decision to secede from Afghanistan, saying chaos was inevitable. Biden attacked the Afghans for failing to fight properly for their country.

“Afghan politicians have given up and fled the country. The Afghan army has collapsed, sometimes without even trying to fight,” the president said in a statement on Monday about the crisis in Afghanistan.

He further added that the fall of Afghanistan was faster than the intelligence indicated. But employees at the Kabul embassy last month warned the State Department that Kabul was likely to collapse, first reported by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by Fox News.

Fox News has repeatedly reported that intelligence about the situation in Afghanistan has been awkward and deteriorating throughout the summer.

Laxalt also said he was concerned about Afghans who had worked with the United States for the past two decades and was now being hunted down by the Taliban.

In Iraq, Laxalt said, “We are trying to maintain the justice system, we are trying to empower Iraqis to manage their own affairs, and we need local nationals to be part of the process.

“I remember feeling in my heart when I went to meet a few local nationals coming to our base to take part in this process, and you will find that one of them died in their bed last night because they are cooperating with America,” Laxalt said. “I have a deep understanding of how catastrophic and dangerous it can feel for the Afghans who have worked alongside our forces … They must wake up and say, ‘Alas, we are all being slaughtered.’ ”

Luxalt added: “My heart goes out to those who are brave as part of solving their cine


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