Biden will ditch D.C. again as the Afghanistan crisis rages, en route to Delaware on Friday


Biden will ditch D.C. again as the Afghanistan crisis rages: President Biden will leave the White House for Wilmington, Delaware again on Friday as the military and State Department work to clear the mess from the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan crisis rages
US President Joe Biden (REUTERS)

As the crisis in Afghanistan erupted, Biden spent most of last week in Wilmington and at Camp David. He was in Camp David when the Taliban came to power on Sunday – the same day the Americans left the embassy in Kabul.

Amid intense pressure to return to the White House on Monday, Biden made brief remarks about going to town and returning immediately to Camp David. On the same day, an Afghan video of an American plane taking off from Kabul airport before dying from the sky splashed across the internet.

Late Tuesday night, the president returned to the White House. He sat down for an interview with ABC on Wednesday and made comments on COVID-19 without taking press questions. The president had no public appearances on Thursday.

And on Friday afternoon, less than 72 hours later in the White House this week, Biden will return to his personal residence after making comments on the Afghanistan crisis.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News on when Biden would return to the nation’s capital from his latest out-of-town tour. At his press conference on Friday, he did not even mention whether Biden would take questions – in fact, he did not take the audible jokes from the White House Press Corps on Wednesday.

Biden made a recent visit to his personal residence after the Pentagon admitted Thursday that it was not known how many Americans remained in Afghanistan. Fox News sources said the Taliban had set up checkpoints outside Kabul airport this week, beating people and denying them entry arbitrarily.

The State Department added a line in its message telling Americans to come to Kabul airport for relocation: “The United States government will not provide a secure passport to Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

The State Department’s latest guidelines on Friday warned Americans to “use their best judgment to get to the airport” and “airport gates can be opened or closed without notice.”

Representative Ken Buck, R-Colo., Meanwhile, said Americans were arriving at his office while the Taliban were preventing Americans from getting to the airport.

According to Fox News sources, many American allies in Afghanistan want to evacuate. A former commentator who spoke to Fox News said that despite the Taliban hunting for him in his town, there had been no response from US embassy officials on his attempts to come to the US.

“We have not received any response from the US embassy from people [officials] with the United States. I have sent more than ten times to get a reply from them but now I am stuck here,” the commenter said, referring only to Manor for fear of retaliation.

“If they capture me, I know for sure they will kill me,” Manar said of the Taliban. “For the US people, they have to ask for Mr. President Joe Biden, they have to take care of the rest. Commentators and people who work with the U.S. government like me – I’ve worked with the U.S. government half my life, now they have left me.”

Manor said, “I don’t want to work for the United States”.

Meanwhile, regular Afghans objecting to the Taliban regime have also been targeted. A video obtained by Fox News on Thursday shows the Taliban firing on Afghan flags and celebrating Independence Day.

Biden’s remarks on the crisis in Afghanistan allege a lack of empathy for the Afghan people.

When the chips are down, if Afghan politicians do not cooperate for their people, if they are unable to negotiate for the future of their country, U.S. soldiers will never do so, bearing the heavy burden in Afghanistan. Fighting for them,” Biden said in his comments on Monday.

The Pentagon says its evacuation speed from Kabul airport has increased in the past 24 hours, with 5,700 people leaving Afghanistan at that time.


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