Al Sharpton to Biden: The Black community is being stabbed ‘in the back’


Black community is being stabbed: Rev. Al Sharpton took to the stage during a voting rights rally on Saturday, telling President Biden that Philibuster supporters were stabbing black society “in the back”.

Al Sharpton to Biden: The Black community is being stabbed ‘in the back'
Al Sharpton to Biden: The Black community is being stabbed ‘in the back’ (file Photo)

President Biden met with some civil rights leaders and we reminded him … you told me that the night you won, Black America was behind you and you had the back of Black America,” Sharpton told supporters. “Okay, Mr. President, they stabbed us in the back. In 49 states, they stabbed their swords from behind us. “

Civil rights activist John Lewis called on Congress to pass the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” as a means of opposing state voting reform laws.

Republicans have argued that voting has increased the rules for secure elections, with Democrats and activists believing recent state-based legislation has targeted black and brown communities.

The “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” was passed by House 219-212 earlier this week, but the chances of Senate leaving Philbuster are slim.

“If you can pick up the phone and call Manchin and others and convince Supreme Court judges for President Trump that they can carve around Philibuster, they can carve around Philibuster to bring voter rights to President Biden,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton, along with other voting rights activists in the West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has repeatedly called for support to weaken or abolish the Philippines.

But Munchin turned down calls to do so.

“I have said it before and I will say it again to dispel any doubt: I am not in a position to vote to remove or weaken Philibuster,” Munchin said in an op-ed in April.

The West Virginia Democrats have argued that they cannot justify a valid reason for their members to weaken the measure that the Senate must have at least 60-40 votes to pass a bill.


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