Caller blasts Iowa state representative for requiring ‘White nationalist’ pledge of allegiance in schools


Caller blasts Iowa state representative: Iowa State Representative Carter Nordman shared a voicemail message from an anonymous caller who denounced the pledge as “white nationalism”, blasted America’s “racist roots” and suggested that “blond-haired blue-eyed” children should have more rights. Nordman told to media that he called her back and she refused to discuss the matter with him.

Caller blasts Iowa state representative for requiring 'White nationalist' pledge of allegiance in schools
Caller blasts Iowa state representative for requiring ‘White nationalist’ pledge of allegiance in schools

The caller began his message by saying, “Iowa State Representative, all Iowa schools have the language to lead the pledge once a day from grades one through twelve.”

When did we begin teaching white nationalism in schools? Because the F ** k you are doing is the same, and you have no right to want something like that,” Caller added. “Our children are not proud to be American. White suburban children in Adele can be proud to be American because their rights are given to them every day and they do not have to fight for them. However, the rest of the women, the poor, the elderly, the minorities, we are not proud of the king *. What are we proud of? Are we proud of our racist history? Are we proud of our racist origins? “

“Is that what we’re proud of?” She continued. “Are we proud that not all citizens of the United States have the same rights and the same powers as the blonde blue eyes?

“Keep it ** t in the suburbs. You want to teach your children to be white nationalists, you king * can do it. [Government of Iowa] Kim Reynolds f ** King is disgusted, and you have no right to instruct children in public schools to be U.S. nationalists. F ** k you and f ** k this law “cried the caller.

She vowed to “make sure” Nordman would lose her re-election campaign next year. She denounced him for supporting the “Trump administration’s shy bulls ** t,” and he and Reynolds said, “Your head is still a long way off. You can not tell where the ** king is. One of you ends and the other begins.”

“You turn ** t into disgusting, disgusting and miserable,” she said. “There is a very important s ** t we need to worry about now and are you focusing on the f ** King Allied Pledge?

House File 415 – which became law when it was passed as an amendment to a major law – requires Iowa public schools to read the pledge and show the U.S. flag at least once. Legislators wrote the bill after realizing that Iowa was one of the few states that did not already require a reading of the pledge.

In an interview on Sunday, Nordman told to media that he had called the woman back, but she refused to discuss the issue with him.

“I called her back and told her I was ready to discuss the bill,” he said.

“She said everything she wanted to tell me in her voicemail and she hung on to me,” Nordman recalled. “Our conversation lasted a total of 25 seconds.”

Speaking to Nordman News, he shared a voicemail saying “because I thought it was important to show what we are against.”

“Some people have a lot of hatred for this country and a lot of hatred for what the United States means,” he said. “I think the vow of obedience can unite us all and do a lot of good for everyone, regardless of your race, your gender, your religion, your sexuality.”

“I believe a lot of leftists will add the words ‘white nationalism’ to anything,” Nordman said. He drew a clear distinction between Democrats in general and the Left in particular. “I do not think all Democrats have American values. They do not.”

“It doesn’t make sense to call the pledge of allegiance ‘white nationalism’. I’m not sure what the pledge has to do with race,” he added. “Our flag clearly does not stand for racism, it does not stand for discrimination.”

“I think she said that out of hatred for the country,” Nordman suggested.

Caller’s claims that America is a “colonial” and racist society echo a complex racist ideology that teaches that hidden racism pervades US society, contrary to civil rights laws that explicitly prohibit racism. The Smithsonian also briefly presented an infographic about “whitewashing” denouncing the nuclear family, science, capitalism, Judo-Christian tradition, and etiquette as hidden racist repression (the museum later removed the infographic after a setback).

The state spokesman said the woman was asked, “Where is there better than America on earth?”

Nordman recalled, “Seeing the Afghan group sticking to a U.S. Air Force plane is the only way to improve their lives. People are ready to die for coming to America. They see that flag as a symbol of hope.”


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