Cuomo uses COVID-19 pandemic alert to bid farewell to New Yorkers


Cuomo uses COVID-19 pandemic alert: Soon after, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo officially resigned on Monday amid allegations of sexual harassment, sending a final message to New Yorkers about the alert system he regularly uses during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cuomo uses COVID-19 pandemic alert to bid farewell to New Yorkers
Cuomo uses COVID-19 pandemic alert to bid farewell to New Yorkers

Those who signed up for warnings from the state received an email, which the governor regularly used to provide updates about the pandemic.

“We did not do everything we wanted, and we could not always do it right, but from my heart, I worked hard every day, I gave it my all, to deliver for you,” Cuomo wrote.

He posted the same message on Twitter.

Cuomo noted some of the achievements of his nearly three-year tenure, such as approving marriage equality and establishing a $ 15 minimum wage.

The day before, Cuomo had made his last public speech in which he maintained his innocence and expressed suspicion over a report that he had been found to have sexually harassed multiple women.

Cuomo will be followed by Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul at 11:59 pm ET.

As previously reported by Fox Business, an investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James concluded that multiple women, including current and former employees in the state of Cuomo, were sexually harassed.

The investigation revealed that Cuomo was engaged in “unwanted and unwanted touching” along with “offensive and sexually suggestive comments”.

Earlier this month, attorneys representing Cuomo withdrew the report, alleging that it was conducted “in a way that supports a pre-determined narrative.”

As a result, a spokesman for the New York Attorney General’s Office noted that Cuomo himself had requested an investigation.

“There were 11 women and their accounts were verified by mountain evidence,” the statement said. “I regret any indication that this is an attempt to undermine the credibility of these women or this investigation.”


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