Elder denies brandishing a weapon at ex-fiance: ‘Politics of personal destruction’


Elder denies brandishing a weapon at ex-fiance: Republican California governor candidate Larry Elder has denied allegations by his ex-fiance that he shot himself in an argument between the two in 2015.

Elder denies brandishing a weapon at ex-fiance: 'Politics of personal destruction'
Elder denies brandishing a weapon at ex-fiance: ‘Politics of personal destruction

“I never showed a gun to anyone. I grew up in the South Central region; I know for sure how devastating this kind of behavior is. It’s not me, everyone I know knows it’s not me. These are valuable allegations,” Elder said on Twitter Thursday evening.

“People do not enter public life because of this kind of politics of personal destruction. I do not respect this with the response – it’s under me,” he added. I’m going to put. “

His statement follows an argument from Alexandra Datig that she withdrew her 18-month engagement in 2015 after the Elder fired a gun at her during the argument.

“He was in the bedroom, I was standing by the door,” Dating explained, Politico reported Thursday. “We talked to each other. ‘

Then he fell silent, “walked up to the nightstand, opened the door, pulled out a gun, ” .45 pistol.

“And he checked to see if it was loaded – as I was talking,” she said, “Phil Specter thought it was the moment.”

“He wanted to make sure I saw that he had it.”

“It was an act of silent abuse and anger,” she said, noting that Elder had also smoked marijuana before the incident.

Elders are leading a group of Republican candidates who want to replace Governor Gavin News in the September 14 recall election, with 18% support from potential voters in the July poll. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner and 2018 governor candidate John Cox both received 10% support in the poll.

In another poll recall released on Sunday, 52% of voters said they would not remove Newsom, while 48% called for his recall.

The recall election came last November after the Democratic governor was criticized for having an unmasked meal at an unmasked restaurant and being surrounded by people outside his own home.

“He was sitting with the same lobbyists and medical professionals who created the orders they violated by not wearing masks and not being socially distant,” Jr. called the “hypocrisy” at the dinner.

Newsum at the same time criticized Elder as “Donald Trump’s right”.

“He’s on Donald Trump’s right. Donald Trump’s on the right. Do not think for a moment that this election is in jeopardy and you can not do harm in that role. Think about the judges he can appoint. What does this mean for the future of the Democratic Party in our efforts to hold the House of Representatives, ”Newsom said last Friday in San Francisco.


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