In COVID-19, Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation


Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation: Chicago (AP) – Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline were under medical supervision Sunday at a Chicago hospital and are “responding positively to treatment” for COVID-19, their son told the Associated Press.

In COVID-19, Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation
In COVID-19, Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation

The couple, who have been married for nearly six decades, were admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital the day before. Doctors are “carefully monitoring their condition” because of their age, Jonathan Jackson, one of the couple’s five children, said in a statement.

Jesse Jackson is 79, Jacqueline is 77.

“Both are resting comfortably and responding positively to their treatments,” Jonathan Jackson said. “My family appreciates all the concern and prayers offered on their behalf and will continue our prayers for your family as well.”

Chicago civil rights leader Jesse Jackson received his first dose at a public event in January after being vaccinated against the virus and urging others to get vaccinated as soon as possible. His and his wife’s vaccination status as an activist is unclear. Family members say she has an undisclosed underlying health condition that has caused concern in recent days.

“We want you to continue to pray for our parents to fully recover. We will continue to update you regularly,” Jonathan Jackson said.

Jesse Jackson, who has Parkinson’s disease, was hospitalized earlier this year for unrelated gallbladder surgery.

Rev. A spokesman for Martin Luther King, Jr., he was instrumental in guiding the modern civil rights movement on a number of issues, including voting rights. Despite his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Jackson remained active during the epidemic and continued his journey.

He was arrested in recent weeks for civil disobedience, last month by a Democratic U.S. senator. During a sit-in at the Phoenix office, she was under pressure to oppose the filibuster’s decision to pass a voting rights law.

The Northwest spokesman did not have further information.


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