Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor on way back from Asia


Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor: Kamala Harris, who landed in Hawaii after a tour of Singapore and Vietnam, returned to the United States on Thursday.

Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor on way back from Asia
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris boards Air Force Two to return to Washington from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021. (Associated Press) Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor on way back from Asia

But the vice president ignored reporters’ questions — about Afghanistan or other issues — as she landed from Air Force Two for a stop at Pearl Harbor-Hicom.

According to reports, US forces prevented her reporters from attending her planned address.

The Pebble Harbor stop was scheduled ahead of Thursday’s terrorist attack on Kabul airport, which killed at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghans. The attack was carried out by an affiliate of the Islamic State group.

After the attack, reporters traveling with Harris learned that her trip to Hawaii had been closed by the military.

According to the Washington Examiner, flight attendants informed the flight to the pool that her event would be closed with troops at White House Press Pool, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hicom. “When asked by a pool member why the VP team did not give any explanation as to why it was changed to a closed press.”

Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor on way back from Asia
Kamala Harris stops at Pearl Harbor on way back from Asia

Harris also canceled a campaign rally Friday in California with Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who faces a recall election next month over optics attending a political event after a deadly terrorist attack.

Instead, she and second gentleman Douglas Mhoff, who greeted Harris in Hawaii, flew back to Washington on Thursday without being questioned by reporters as they boarded Air Force Two on Thursday.

Harris flew to Pearl Harbor after a sweep in Southeast Asia this week.

Harris released a statement about the events in Afghanistan.

“Thirteen American servicemen were killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul today. These brave servicemen died while saving countless lives. They are heroes,” Harris wrote on Twitter Thursday evening. And our hearts go out to their loved ones. We also mourn the deaths and injuries of Afghan civilians.

“Our country is grateful to our men and women in uniform, especially those who are working today to save Americans and our Afghan partners from harm. We will complete that mission. Today, we will honor those who sacrificed their lives in service to their country. “

According to the examiner, Harris’ office released a statement summarizing her stop in Pearl Harbor. The Vice President “addressed the six Active-Duty Service Branches and members of the military representing the National Guard, thanking them for their service,” the statement said. “She and the second gentleman spoke personally with each service member.”


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