Mackinac conference straw poll: Trump wins with 47.5%


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MACKINAC ISLAND, MI – Conservatives in the state of Michigan flocked to Mackinac Island this weekend for the state’s biennial Republican Leadership Conference.

Mackinac conference straw poll: Trump wins with 47.5%
Mackinac conference straw poll: Trump wins with 47.5%

Aside from seeing the spectacular views of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron or enjoying a one-time tour of the island’s “grand hotel”, there are also well-known Republicans from across the country, including Texas. Senator Ted Cruz, South Dakota Governor Christy Noam, and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

The meeting serves as an opportunity for Michigan Republicans to exchange ideas and drive the party forward, but the event’s Secret-Ballet Straw Poll informs Michiganders who they want to see on the Republican ticket in 2024.

To no one’s surprise, former President Donald J. Trump came in first with 47.5%. According to The Detroit News, which sponsored Straw Pole.

Despite having more heads and shoulders than other potential candidates, the mark was lower than the former president’s vote-share at the CPAC in Dallas in July, where he took home 70% of the vote. By comparison, the 45th president won 55% of the vote in the February CPAC in Orlando.

According to The Detroit News, nearly 740 Republicans were polled for this weekend’s poll.

The person with the second-highest number of votes was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with nearly 25% of the vote — in line with the straw poll demonstrations at two CPACs this year. The two CPACs, however, included polls with a potential list of candidates who did not include former President Trump. Desantis was the clear winner in both meetings in that election.

Rounding out the top five in Mackinac: South Dakota Governor Christie Noam came in third with 8% of the vote, and Texas-based Ted Cruz former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Haley won 6%.

Former President Trump said in view of the impact on Michigan Republicans, 44% said Trump approval would not affect whether they supported the candidate or not.

Detroit News topped the list with 28% choosing “electoral integrity” in terms of issues that Republican voters identified as important at the conference. Taxes and spending were close to 25%, abortion received 11% of the vote, and inflation 10%.

In the case of fighting COVID-19, 56% of respondents said the government had no role in reducing the epidemic.


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