Matthew Griffin: Biden’s Afghanistan speech was full of diplomatic catchphrases


Biden’s Afghanistan speech was full of diplomatic catchphrases: Former Army Ranger, who has served three terms in Afghanistan, said President Biden’s speech on evacuation in Central Asia on Friday sounded like a “diplomatic catchphrase bingo group.”

Matthew Griffin: Biden's Afghanistan speech was full of diplomatic catchphrases
Biden’s Afghanistan speech was full of diplomatic catchphrases

“They are looking to cover up their confusion …” Matthew Griffin told to media.

“He talks about the metastasizing of terrorism – when [Biden] was vice president when they were flooding the people endlessly all over the region when it created an army of terrorists who wanted revenge on America,” he said.

In his speech on Friday, Biden reiterated that despite the Taliban being in power and without a permanent hold on the country, Afghanistan could prevent Afghanistan from becoming a center of terrorism.

But Griffin told to media: “We have no control over whether terrorism re-emerges in Afghanistan.”

“We have burned down every bridge we have built over the last 20 years,” he continued. “We unplugged our assets and embarrassed ourselves globally. I don’t know how anyone can trust us.”

“Illiterate Afghan farmers know not to trust America. I do not see how anyone in the intelligence community can be,” Griffin said.

The administration has faced widespread criticism that it has no plans to withdraw Americans or their allies from Afghanistan in the event of the Taliban seizing power. In his speech, Biden denied that international leaders were questioning US credibility.

Speaking to media, Griffin said Biden’s denial “is in stark contrast to what international leaders are saying on our global stage right now.”

The former Army Ranger also blamed the Afghans for the country’s rapid decline in the midst of the U.S. exit, saying “it is hurting everyone who has sacrificed so much and worked so hard to build their country over the last 20 years”.

Griffin blamed the US leadership for the current situation, particularly on Biden, and said it had all the information it needed to assess the outcome the world was looking at. He noted that the Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan cites every detail in his quarterly reports, which often reveals the harsh realities of US efforts in the Middle East.

“It was completely shocking,” Griffin told to media. “There has to be some level of incompetence.”

The combat veteran criticized the president for referring to Afghans as “Afghans” in his Friday speech.

“For a party focused on pronouns, they can’t even get ‘Afghans’ right,” Griffin said. “We’re talking about the culture of people trying to evacuate and save after burning over a trillion dollars there and he [served] as president for eight years, and he could not get it right.”


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