New York’s first woman governor is Kathy Hochul


New York’s first woman governor is Kathy Hochul: Kathy Hochul was appointed New York’s first female governor in a midnight stroke on Tuesday, controlling the state government’s desire to return to a business that has been distracted for months by allegations of sexual harassment against Andrew Cuomo.

New York's first woman governor is Kathy Hochul
New York’s first woman governor is Kathy Hochul , Kathy Hochul was appointed New York’s first female governor in a midnight stroke on Tuesday

Democrat Chief Justice Janet Definer from West New York was sworn in as governor in a brief, private ceremony.

Joining her top job was a historic moment in history, where women recently moved away from the male-dominated political culture.

Two weeks after he announced his resignation instead of facing an impeachment war, Cuomo left office at 12:00 p.m. He submitted his resignation letter to state assembly and senate leaders Monday evening.

On his last day in office, Cuomo released a pre-recorded farewell speech in which he maintained his record as governor of New York for a decade and portrayed himself as a victim of “media mania”.

Hochul is scheduled to be sworn in Tuesday morning at New York State Capitol. She plans to meet with legislative leaders later in the morning and make a public speech at 3 p.m.

For the first time, the most powerful people in the New York state government are women, including state Senate majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Attorney General Letitia James, and Chief Justice Definer. The state assembly is headed by Speaker Carl Heist.

As Hochul takes over the administration, which has been criticized for its inaction in the last months of Cuomo, he faces immense challenges.

COVID-19 is back, with new cases increasing by almost 1,370% since the end of June. Hospital admissions are on the rise as schools prepare to go back to the session.

There are big decisions to be made on whether to make masks or vaccines mandatory for certain groups or to restore social distance limits if the latest epidemics in the state become more severe. Hochul said he would like to make masks mandatory for school children, as opposed to Cuomo, who said he did not have that authority.

The economy is volatile. Jobs lost during the epidemic are coming back, but unemployment has more than doubled since two years ago.

Due to the epidemic, New York is also struggling to get federal relief money into the hands of tenants behind their rent, releasing only 6% of the $ 2 billion budgeted so far. Tens of thousands of homes could face losing their homes if the state allows eviction protection to expire.

Hochul also faced questions about whether she would change the governance culture in New York, following the Cuomo regime that strengthened the charm.

Cuomo resigned after he received credible evidence that he had sexually harassed at least 11 women after an independent investigation overseen by state Attorney General Letitia James.

In his farewell remarks, Cuomo stated that the Attorney General’s report that prompted his resignation was “political fireworks on an explosive issue, and it worked.”

“There was a political and media stampede,” he said.

Cuomo also described himself as a shield against his party’s left, boasting that he wanted to deceive the police and demonize businesses and make the government effective during the years he was in power. He fought the COVID-19 epidemic, citing his work on legalizing same-sex marriage and raising the minimum wage to $ 15.

“I did my part to provide for you,” Cuomo said.
Some critics have volunteered to jump on Cuomo’s comments.

Assemblyman Yuh-Lain Neo, a fellow Democrat, said he had a hundred million chances to be a better leader, but he “choosed himself every time.”

Cuomo’s chief aide, Melissa Derosa, said in a statement that the governor was “not interested in running for office again” despite exploring his options for his post-governor career.

Cuomo’s resignation does not end his legal problems.

The aide complained to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office that Cuomo was holding his chest. Separately, Cuomo is facing a legislative inquiry into whether he misled the public about the COVD-19 deaths in nursing homes to preserve his reputation as a pandemic leader and whether he received proper assistance from state employees in writing a book that could have earned him $ 5 million.

The change of leadership occurred after Hurricane Henry, which narrowly missed Long Island on Sunday, but rained down on the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson Valley.

Hochul must quickly build his own team of advisers to lead the administration for at least the next 16 months.

Hochul, who said he had not worked closely with Cuomo and that he did not know about the harassment before it became public, vowed that no one would call his workplace “toxic”.

“I have a different approach to governance,” Hochul said in Queens on Wednesday.

She announced on Monday the planned appointments of two top aides: Karen Persicilli Kiyog will be governor secretary and Elizabeth Fine will be Hochul’s chief legal adviser.

She plans to retain Cuomo-Era employees for 45 days to allow her time to interview new hires, but says she will not keep anyone from behaving immorally.

Hochul, who has already said he will run for full term next year, is expected to elect a left-wing New York City politician as lieutenant governor. Hochul once represented a conservative western New York district for a year in Congress and gained a reputation as a moderate.

State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs praised Hochul as “formidable.”

“She is very experienced and I hope she will be a refreshing and exciting new governor,” he said.


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