Pentagon spokesman: Drone strikes will be carried out ‘if and when needed’ in Afghanistan


Drone strikes will be carried out ‘if and when needed’ in Afghanistan: The Pentagon will continue to carry out drone strikes against ISIS-K terrorists and other targets within Afghanistan where necessary even after the permanent withdrawal of US troops from the country, spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday.

Pentagon spokesman: Drone strikes will be carried out ‘if and when needed’ in Afghanistan

The U.S. Launched deadly drone strikes targeting a man described as an “ISIS-K planner” and a suspected suicide bomber in recent days after a terrorist group claimed responsibility for suicide bombings. 13. Kirby has indicated that the Pentagon will use drone strikes in the event of future threats.

“We have the power to look beyond the situation to ensure that the security of our country is protected and protected,” Kirby said in an interview with NPR. “And what I can tell you is, without going into speculation or speculating about future performance, we will continue to retain those skills and use them when we need them again and again.”

The last U.S. troops left Kabul airport on Monday, ending the longest military war in U.S. history. Before withdrawing, President Biden promised revenge on ISIS-K for its role in the deadly bombings, warning the group that American troops would “hunt you down and pay you back.”

Kirby has confirmed that a long-running US military operation in Afghanistan will not happen.

“The military operation in Afghanistan is over, and that includes the end of the 20-year war we have been fighting there,” he said. “It was clear to the president that he wanted to end this war. And we’re done. ”

Biden’s management has come under fire from Republican lawmakers for its handling of withdrawals. The terrorist attacks in Kabul have sparked fears that Taliban-led Afghanistan could serve as a safe haven for groups building more strikes against the U.S.

Biden argues that the US can successfully combat the threat of terrorism without permanent residency in Afghanistan. Kirby said the Pentagon “does not examine whether there is a serious threat to our security coming from Afghanistan right now.”

“But we will not give up football here. We will not turn a blind eye to it. We have power beyond Horizon. We will continue to use them where needed, ”said Kirby.


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