Pompeo: Biden’s speech failed to ‘frighten’ the Taliban


Biden’s speech failed to ‘frighten’ the Taliban: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has bluntly responded to President Joe Biden’s remarks on the current situation in Afghanistan, saying the president “failed” to respond appropriately to the ongoing crisis.

Pompeo: Biden's speech failed to 'frighten' the Taliban
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo : Biden’s speech failed to ‘frighten’ the Taliban

“President Biden’s speech in the United States today failed to respond to the crisis in Afghanistan,” Pompeo told GTM News. “It did not create a plan to bring American citizens home, it did not create enough fear to prevent Americans from being captured in the Taliban, and it certainly did not allay our allies’ concerns that President Biden was not a loyal partner.”

In his Friday speech, Biden sought to allay fears and concerns about the rapidly deteriorating scenario in Kabul as his administration seeks to evacuate American civilians and allies from an airport surrounded by Taliban fighters.

There were also several reports that Americans were prevented from entering the airport due to Taliban checkpoints and that some were beaten by the Taliban. Biden downplayed those reports in his comments.

“As far as we know, Taliban checkpoints are being set up by people who show American passports,” Biden said. Airport.
“We have no indication that they will be able to reach Kabul via the airport. We have reached an agreement with the Taliban so far.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin clashed with Biden at the same time on Friday, telling House lawmakers by phone that Taliban fighters had beaten multiple Americans trying to reach Kabul airport, two lawmakers told GTM News.

Although Biden said he would stand behind his decision to withdraw troops, he acknowledged that the Taliban had taken control of his administration. In addition to seizing the country for the first time since being ousted from power in 2001, the Islamist militant group has seized billions of dollars worth of U.S. weapons and military equipment.


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