Psaki dismisses calls for Biden to resign


Psaki dismisses calls for Biden to resign: In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed 13 U.S. servicemen, White House Press Secretary Jen Saki rejected calls for President Joe Biden to resign, saying the tragedy had no place in politics.

Psaki dismisses calls for Biden to resign
Psaki dismisses calls for Biden to resign

“This is the day that members of the U.S. Service, 12 of whom lost their lives at the hands of terrorists,” Saki said during a briefing on Thursday. “This is not a day for politics. We hope that any American, whether they are elected or not, will stand by us with our commitment to fight and kill those terrorists wherever they live and to honor the lives of service members.

Many prominent Republicans, including Sense. Josh Howley and Marsha Blackburn and Nicki Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, argued that Biden did not show the turmoil in Afghanistan and called on Biden to withdraw after the suicide bombing. Have the leadership you need to continue as president.

“Saying that the loss of today’s American survivors in Kabul is unhealthy does not do justice to what happened,” Howley tweeted Thursday. “It’s frustrating. And Joe Biden is responsible. It is now beyond doubt that he has the ability or the will to lead. He must resign.”

Haley, also on Twitter, said he was stepping down from the presidency.

“Should Biden retire or be fired for his dealings with Afghanistan?” Haley asked. “Yes. But that leaves us with Kamala Harris‌, which is ten times worse. God help us. “

Several prominent Republican congressional women, including spokeswoman Marjorie Taylor Green and spokeswoman Lauren Bobert, have also called for her to step down or face impeachment.


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