Afghanistan war: Taliban claim Sheberghan


Afghanistan warTaliban claim Sheberghan: He said the Taliban had taken control of the city of Sheberghan in the northern Afghan province of Jawzan.

Afghanistan war : Taliban claim Sheberghan
Afghanistan war Taliban claim Sheberghan: The fall of two regional capitals in 24 hours is a blow to security forces, seen here in the city of Herat (Source :EPA)

It was the second regional capital for militants after the fall of Jaranj on Friday in the southwestern province of Nimroz.

This is a major blow to the security forces, as wars are raging across the country as the Taliban grow rapidly.

Heavy fighting is also reported in Kunduz in the north and Lashkar Gah in the south.

Sheberghan is a stronghold of Abdul Rashid Dostum, a former Afghan vice president, and warlord, whose supporters are leading the fight against the rebels.

Local media reported that 150 people had fled to the city to help Afghan forces.

The Taliban captured the governor’s compound for the first time during a fierce battle on Friday, before it was recaptured by Afghan security forces.

However, the regional council chief, Babur Eshchi, told the BBC that the militants were now in control of the entire city, with the exception of one military base, which was still fighting.

The deputy governor of the area told the AFP news agency that government officials had retreated to the airport.

Taliban officials also said they had captured a prison in Shebarghan. The video on social media shows hundreds of inmates leaving the City Jail.

Violence escalated across Afghanistan after 20 years of military operations as the US and other international forces began to withdraw their troops from the country.

Other provincial capitals under pressure include the western cities of Herat and the southern cities of Kandahar and Lashkar Gah.

Afghanistan war: Taliban claim Sheberghan

The Afghan military says dozens of Islamist militants, including senior commanders, have been killed in Lashkar Gah. However, the Taliban denied the military’s version of the incident.

And this week in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Taliban shot dead a former spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani and bombed the home of the defense minister.

Taliban fighters have also seized key borders with neighboring countries in recent weeks.

The militant group closed the Pakistan border, and the pictures showed dozens of Afghans stranded on the Pakistani side unable to return to their families.

“We came to [Pakistan] to attend the funeral three days ago. Now the border is closed. We are sitting here. We have no food, no money,” the man trying to go home to Kandahar told Reuters news agency.

The U.S. and UK governments have asked citizens to leave the country immediately as the security situation worsens.

The British Foreign Office warned on Friday that there was a possibility of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. The U.S. says citizens can get a repatriation loan if they can’t pay for a commercial flight.


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