Amidst chaos, the daughter of exiled Afghan President Ghani strolls in NYC


The daughter of exiled Afghan President Ghani strolls in NYC: The daughter of Afghan President-elect Ashraf Ghani has been seen wandering around New York City this week as a deadly and chaotic U.S. move continues in Kabul.

Amidst chaos, the daughter of exiled Afghan President Ghani strolls in NYC
Amidst chaos, the daughter of exiled Afghan President Ghani strolls in NYC

Mariam Ghani, 42, left Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon with a female friend just days after her father left his country and his civilians amid Taliban occupation.

The visual artist and filmmaker, who lives in a luxury collaborative building on Clinton Hill, strolled along the sidewalk holding her mask while she chatted with her friend.

It came to her attention when her 72-year-old father reiterated in the United Arab Emirates, where he was granted asylum.

The UAE Foreign Ministry agreed to welcome the Afghan leader “on humanitarian grounds”.

Ghani left the presidential palace on Sunday with an inner circle of his faithful, and fled with four vehicles and a helicopter, according to the Russian embassy in Kabul.

Some reports have previously suggested that he traveled to neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Oman.

His daughter refused to answer questions outside her apartment the day before when The Post caught her.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in suburban Maryland, Ghani has not heard from her father since he fled.

In an Instagram post on Monday – a day after the Taliban seized control – Mariam stated “with anger and grief and fear for the family, friends, and colleagues who have been left behind”, “she is working hard to do whatever I I can. On their behalf.”

The 80,000 Americans and Afghans who once worked for the U.S. still have to be evacuated from Kabul amid the violence and chaotic withdrawal.

The United States has evacuated 7,000 people from Kabul since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan five days ago, but 60,000 and 80,000 are yet to leave.

While her father was working in Afghanistan’s government in 2002, Ghani began her art and teaching career in the US by attending New York University and the School of Visual Arts.

Her work has appeared in some of the world’s most famous museums, including Guggenheim in New York and MOMA and Tate Modern in London. In 2018, she joined the faculty at Bennington College in Vermont.

Her first feature documentary, “What We Left Unfinished”, about the five films that began and were abandoned during the communist era in Afghanistan, is currently playing in selected theaters.


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