Covid in Sydney: Armed forces assist in enforcing lockdown


Australia has sent hundreds of troops to Sydney to help enforce the Covid lockdown extension.

Covid in Sydney: Armed forces assist in enforcing lockdown
Covid in Sydney: Armed forces assist in enforcing lockdown

The Delta outbreak that began in June produced nearly 3,000 diseases and killed nine people.

Despite being closed for five weeks, infections in the nation’s capital continue to spread. Officials recorded 170 new cases on Friday.

But many questioned whether military intervention was necessary, calling it difficult.

The key – which runs until at least 28 August – prevents people from leaving their homes without exercise, shopping, care and other reasons.

The Australian Defense Force will join the police at the virus depot to ensure that people follow the rules, including a 10-mile (6.2 miles) travel limit.

State Police Minister David Elliott said it would help because a few Sydneyersiders think “these rules don’t apply to them”.

Information provided by health workers indicates that the virus is highly contagious through permitted transmission.

Human rights organizations have called these new measures “related to the use of our armed forces” in the liberation struggle.
The disease has hit hardest workers and large family groups in the western and western hemisphere.

Critics say those areas are already facing “targeted” police actions. They point out that there are strict limits to all of Sydney.

“Our people are some of the poorest people, and as such, they already feel marginalized and marginalized,” said Steve Christou, the local mayor.

“They can’t pay the rent, rent, food or work. Now removing the military to force the closure of the streets will be a big problem for these people,” he told SBS.

Some have called on the government to increase its vaccination campaign and support services for affected communities.

Australia’s vaccination rate – 17% of adults – remains one of the lowest in OECD countries.


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