Covid: Joe Biden urges states to offer $100 vaccine incentives as cases rise


U.S. President Joe Biden has called for states to offer $ 100 (£ 71) to new vaccines in an effort to address the alarming rate of jab levels between viruses.

Joe Biden urges states to offer $100 vaccine incentives as cases rise
Joe Biden urges states to offer $100 vaccine incentives as cases rise

The president has also introduced a new strong demand for a vaccine for U.S. government workers, the largest worker in a nation of about two million people.

The order requires employees to show proof of vaccination or to undergo compulsory testing and concealment.

Less than half of the US is completely vaccinated, according to official data.

Speaking at the White House on Thursday, Mr Biden said the new measures were the result of Delta’s widespread spread, which has exacerbated the “unprotected epidemic”.

“People are dying and they will die and they should not die,” he said.
Mr Biden added that the financial incentive may seem illegal to Americans already vaccinated, but “we all benefit if we can get more vaccinated people”.

Countries will use funds from the $ 1.9tn American Rescue Plan to fund grants.

Mr Biden said the provincial government would “completely reimburse” small or medium-sized businesses that provide workers with paid time to be vaccinated.

While government employees who refuse to be vaccinated will not be fired, the White House move aims to set an example for other employers across the country.

But public health experts warn that weekly checkups are not an effective way to prevent outbreaks.

The President of Democracy also spoke of the ideology, which spreads mainly in conservative circles, that jabs are unsafe.

He stressed that “there is nothing political” about these vaccines, which were developed and approved under the administration of the Republic and distributed under him.

Last month, research showed that more than 99% of Covid-19 deaths were among the uninfected.

About 70% of adults have experienced at least one jab, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control. But vaccination rates vary around the country. The southern and western regions, now facing the Covid outbreak, have very low rates.

It comes as the virus-related death rate rises to about 2,000 a week. New cases are now at an all-time high in the last three months, with about 60,000 recorded daily.
Earlier this week, the CDC revised its mask policy for Americans who have been completely vaccinated in certain regions due to Delta’s unique rise. Internal encryption is now recommended for people in areas with high Covid transfer rates.

New York, California, and many other states have gone one step further – requiring masks to be worn in public places.


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