Taliban says New Afghan government will be announced soon, rejecting reports of disagreement


New Afghan government will be announced soon: Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said any insurgency against the regime would be severely damaged as it had asked former Afghan forces to unite with the new regime.

Taliban says New Afghan government will be announced soon

The Taliban said on Monday that it would soon announce a new Afghan government in Afghanistan, condemning the delay in the formation of the regime due to differences within the hardline Islamist group.

According to Reuters, Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid told a news conference that “some technical issues remain” and that the new Afghan government will be announced tentatively in view of future changes.

“Final decisions have been made. We are now working on technical issues. We will announce the new Afghan government as soon as the technical issues are resolved,” Mujahid said.

Reports came in last week that there was a power struggle between two senior Taliban leaders — group co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar and Anas Haqqani. Conflicts between Baradar and Haqqani are largely controlled by the group’s resistance forces in Panjshir.

The unconfirmed Twitter handle of the Panjshir Observer, which describes itself as an independent news organization covering Afghanistan and Panjshir, said the shooting, which was heard last Friday, was the cause of the clash between the two senior Taliban leaders.

“A shootout between two senior Taliban leaders took place in Kabul last night.

The Taliban have also called on former Afghan forces to merge with the new regime. Zabihullah Mujahid also said that any insurgency against their rule would be “severely damaged”. “The Islamic Emirate is very sensitive to insurrections. If anyone tries to start an insurgency it will be severely damaged. We will not allow another,” Mujahid told a news conference.

After the Taliban’s latest remarks that the group had completely captured Panjshir’s last stronghold, the resistance forces denied it.

The National Resistance Front (NRF), its leader Ahmed Masood, said the late former Afghan guerrilla commander Ahmed Shah Masood was safe and would make a statement soon. “My leader and brother Ahmed Masood are safe and will soon be giving the message to our people!” NRF spokesman Ali Nazari tweeted.

The Resistance Force said they were in all strategic positions across the valley to continue fighting. “The Taliban’s claim of occupation of Panjshir is false. NRF forces continue to fight in all strategic positions across the valley. We assure the people of Afghanistan that the fight against the Taliban & their allies will continue until justice & freedom is achieved.” NRF tweeted.

However, the Twitter account where the information was shared could not be verified.

Zabihullah mujahid age: No data

zabihullah mujahid biography: No data Zabihullah or Dhabih Allah) is an official spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He has long served as one of several spokesmen for the Taliban, the others being Suhail Shaheen and Yousef Ahmadi.

zabihullah mujahid education:Due to security threats, he was constantly on the move and did not stay anywhere. He said he had a master’s degree in religious studies, without naming the country where he studied, due to security concerns. Under the Taliban government, he held the Ministry of Culture and Information.


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