The Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft with over 120 Indian diplomats lands in Gujarat


The Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft: This is the second batch of diplomats, officials, and journalists evacuated from Kabul. The Indian Air Force C-17 flight will reach Delhi at 1 pm.

The Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft with over 120 Indian diplomats lands in Gujarat
Indian diplomats and Indian journalists are seen inside the C-17 Globemaster before it took off from the Kabul airport.(MEA Photo)

The Indian Air Force C-17 heavy-lift aircraft, carrying the second batch of diplomats, officers and journalists from Kabul, landed in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The IAF plane took off from Hamid Karzai International (HKI) Airport at 8 a.m. Kabul time with the help of US troops manned by ATC. Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon was on board with 120 diplomats and officials.
The move comes after 24 hours of lengthy negotiations.

The IAF flight will arrive in Delhi at 1 p.m. India is now waiting for US forces to allow civilian flights to Kabul for further evacuation. The first batch of Indians arrived by Air India flight on Sunday.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and security officials began bringing evacuees to HKI airport from Monday as they held talks with various Taliban and other militant groups operating 15 check posts from India’s mission in Kabul. To the international airport. India has placed two C-17s on standby so that officers can move as soon as the US-mandated ATC gives the green signal.
According to sources in Kabul, Turkish forces will operate the HKI airport as part of a withdrawal deal, but Ankara withdrew at the last minute, leading to complete chaos. All local personnel left the ATC and other locations, leaving the US to control it, as the illiterate Taliban had no idea how to operate air traffic services.

This was due to the ensuing chaos that led to the desperate Afghan death at HKI airport as civilians feared for their lives and limbs at the hands of the Taliban. Only then did the U.S. decide on Monday to suspend civilian flights from Kabul and allow only military flights. Other Indians will be evacuated from Afghanistan once HKI Airport opens to civilian flights.


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