Covid: US headed in wrong direction, Fauci says as cases rise


The United States is heading to the “wrong place” for the coronavirus epidemic as the disease spreads among the uninvolved, says the world’s leading infectious disease specialist.

Covid: US headed in wrong direction, Fauci says as cases rise
Dr Anthony Fauci says US headed in ”wrong direction” on coronavirus

Dr Anthony Fauci said Delta’s variety of Covid-19 was the driving force behind low vaccination rates.

He said health officials were considering reviewing the administration of the mask to Americans vaccinated to prevent charges.

Giving booster jabs to vulnerable people was also under review, he said.

The state of coronavirus in the US has turned into a “pandemic in uninfected people,” Dr. Fauci, senior medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, told CNN on Sunday.

Covid: US headed in wrong direction, Fauci says as cases rise
Source: Our World in Data,17.00 BST on 21 July

More than 162.7 million people – or 49% of the population – have been completely vaccinated in the US, official data shows.
The US was the world leader in the jab takeover until April, when vaccination rates began to decline.

Vaccination rates are very low in southern countries, where less than half the population get their first dose in some cases.
Meanwhile, daily coronavirus infections are on the rise again after numbers dropped in May and June.

The resurrection added to the 34 million cases and 610,000 deaths recorded so far in the US.

The practice is said to have, in part, spread rapidly in the Delta variety of Covid’s highly transferable Delta.

The largest increase in Covid cases is in states with low immunization rates, such as Florida, Texas and Missouri.

Daily reported cases and deaths in the US
Source: John Hopkins University

Earlier this week, American surgeon General Vivek Murthy said 99.5% of Covid deaths occurred in uninfected people.

In an interview with CNN, Dr Fauci said local leaders in areas with low immunization rates needed to do more to encourage people to be attacked.

He said he was “deeply disturbed to hear” the Republican authorities of Arkansas and Florida promoting vaccinations in their provinces. Both leaders had previously criticized Dr Fauci’s advice.
Dr Fauci has been a key adviser to President Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, on the epidemic.

He said he had participated in negotiations to change the face of the issue issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Currently, the CDC states that people who are fully vaccinated “can resume activities that you did before the epidemic without wearing a mask”.

Dr Fauci said local governments could issue their own laws under the current CDC directive.

But he noted that some local governments have reimbursed domestic and community needs to curb the spread of infection.

In the Los Angeles area, masks are now needed in the homes of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.


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