victoria plane crash: A pilot died in a small plane crash in Victoria


victoria plane crash: An eyewitness reports that a small plane crashed into a house in Victoria Saturday night, killing the pilot.

victoria plane crash
victoria plane crash Gallery: The site of a plane crash at County Rd. 11 and Hwy. 5 in Victoria Saturday.

The plane crashed at 5:45 p.m. Near Hwy. 5 and County Road 11. At dusk, first responders from multiple agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, were at the scene. Whoa. 5 pm Most time between Stiger Lake Lane and Victoria Drive is closed.

There was no official advance information about the casualties, but a neighbor who ran to the scene said he saw a man who believed the pilot was dead. No signs were seen of him being a passenger or anyone from home.

A neighbor, who asked not to be named, said he was in his bedroom when he heard a loud noise that shook his house. When he looked next door, he said, “The whole front yard is on fire.”

He rushed out with a hose to extinguish the fire and came upon the remains of the victim.

Also, people were rushing to the scene from a nearby float bar carrying fire engines.

The plane appeared to have collided near a two-story wooden frame on the 1818 block Arboretum Drive in the driveway area in front of the house, but two of its passengers escaped safely, with their cat and dog next door.

“I’m fine,” he said, but he was moved by what he saw.

Levi Pemberton, a cashier at the holiday station opposite the house, said he heard “pop” and saw a “big explosion and big fire.”

He ran to the crash site and saw parts of a burnt metal plane with a large piece of tail sticking out of it.

“The fires were big enough to burn down the house,” he said.

Another holiday employee was among the people to go to the scene with fire engines and the group was able to extinguish the fire quickly before the first responders arrived.

Pemberton said the scene was “very scary.”

Amy Jensen, who lives two blocks south of the crash site, said she heard a “thud-thud” as the plane flew over her house, then everything fell silent, so she knew something had gone wrong. Outside, she saw three pieces of the plane lying scattered over several yards.

What was horrible was that “if a plane crash happened, it’s the best example,” Victoria said on Saturday “was packed with people” and restaurants and bars in the area were packed.


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