Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero


Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero, meaning that social distance rules and many other restrictions are now over.

Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero
Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero

Almost 17 months after the first lockdown in Wales, nightclubs are allowed to reopen and meet indoors.

Face masks are still needed in most public indoor spaces, but not in pubs, restaurants or schools.

But First Minister Mark Drakeford warned against “free for all”.

The decision was confirmed this week after weeks of declining case rates, which “will help create the conditions for us to move forward,” Mr Drakeford said.

The First Minister said he was confident Wales was on the “final lap” of emerging from the pandemic, adding that there were “no more unexpected twists and turns during the virus”.

Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero

In England, most of the rules were relaxed on July 19, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson postponed the so-called “Freedom Day” for a month following a rise in delta variant cases.

What do people think about easing restrictions?

The Three Horseshoes Pub in Tonyrefile, Rhonda Sinon Tough, returns live on Saturday, Pool and Arrows for the first time since before the epidemic.

Landlord Martin Baron said: “I think people look forward to it. You can see action, grab a beer and give people a reason to come out of it.”

He says it works at almost 80% efficiency because “we are trying to get back to normal but the risk is still there”.

The Welsh Beer and Pub Association has welcomed the end of sanctions and said that while more than 150 pubs in Wales have yet to reopen, it could now do so on Saturday.

Chief Executive Emma McLarkin said: “This is good news for our breweries and pubs in Wales.

“A pint on Saturday is going to taste all sweet.”

‘ It’s a huge relief ‘

Toff also welcomed the relaxation of the mask rules at a cafe in Newport, calling it a “massive relief”.

Laura Leach, who owns Restpoint Cafe, said: “Most of our customers come from a social perspective, so it’s impossible to try to make a conversation wearing a mask.”

She said that after the first lockdown, “rarely did anyone follow”, “challenging the unmasked” would reduce the pressure on her and the staff.

Ms. Leach said staff would be very happy to remove their masks while in the kitchen, but would wear masks while serving and maintaining social distance.
Executives at the Gallery Theater and Cinema in Kernarphone said a questionnaire among customers said some wanted to follow social distance.

“We think we need time to talk to staff and our customers and make sure everyone is moving forward safely,” said team leader Naomi Saunders.

“We’ll be following the social distance right now because the announcement came at the last minute.”

Philippe Botrill, of The Pen & Paper Stationery Co. in Cardiff, says everyone needs to go “normally” and “gently” to normalcy.

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” he said.

“But we need to increase our trade, because, since we reopen, we will only take 60% of what we took in 2019.”


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